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The LOW'n'BROWS German Band

Authentic German Music

Photo Gallery

2009 Season 2009 Season 94716342 Adam Adam sings In Heaven There Is No Beer 94590719 Adam 94590720 Adam 94590721 Holly Holly wins the sing with the LOW'n'BROWS contest at the Blue and Gray Brewery Oktoberfest 94590722 Kathy Kathy sings the Pennsylvania Polka with the band (she's a LOW'n'FRAU) 94590723 Kathy She doesn't even know the words...good thing we have cheat sheets 94590724 Kathy Nice Dirndl 94590725 Blue and Gray The Blue and Gray Brewery Oktoberfest tent 94590726 St. John's On stage at St. John's in Warrenton 94590727 St. John's 94590728 St. John's The food at St. John's is awesome. 94590729 Suzie Suzie is a LOW'n'FRAU too. 94590730 St. John's Great view from St. John's. Fun here for the whole family. 94590731 Paul and Tracey The Newlyweds 94590732 Charlie Stay alert 94590733 94590734 Charlie Keep up Charlie 94590735 Kelly's Ford 94590736 St. Anne's Adam sings again 94590737 Adam Adam REALLY wants to be in the band 94590738 Cabin Point Great decorations 94590739 H, Frank, and Gary What a crew 94590740 Dwight Where's my clarinet? 94590741 Lonnie, Bernie and Dwight 94590742 Cabin Point Dressed to party 94590743 Cabin Point 94590744 Cabin Point These folks came prepared 94590745 St. Benedict's 94590746 St. Benedict's 94590747 St. Benedict's 94590748 St. Benedict's 94590749 St. Benedict's 94590750 St. Benedict's 94590751 St. Benedict's 94590752 St. Benedict's Huh? I don't get it. 94590753 St. Benedict's Huh? 94590754 St. Benedict's I can't believe my parents make us dress like this 94590755 St. Benedict's 94590756 St. Benedict's Whew ,I had one too many chicken dances 94590757 St. Benedict's CHICKEN DANCE 94590758 St. Benedict's 94590759 St. Benedict's Is that a chicken doing the chicken dance? 94590760 St. Benedict's Wish we had roadies 94590761 St. Benedict's Dude, after the gig, I'm stealing this motorcycle 94590762 Blue and Gray Brewery 94590763 Blue and Gray Brewery Is there beer in those kegs? 94590764 Blue and Gray Brewery 94590765 St. John's 94590766 St. John's 94590767 Kelly's Ford 94590768 Kelly's Ford 94590769 Cabin Point 94590770 Cabin Point 94590771 Cabin Point 94590772 Cabin Point 94590773